1st Hmong Leadership Cohort – City Hall



The 1st Hmong Leadership Cohort spends Tuesday evening of February 26, 2019, at City Hall in the City of Fresno. There are 12 participants: Greg Vang, Tammy Vang, Samantha Yang, Chon Koua Xiong, Bobby Bliatout, Moua Vang, Katie Moua, James Thao, Rocky Vang, Dao Lor, Bee Xiong, and Chia Xiong.

The program started with a tour from Council President Steve Brandau and into a workshop with presentations from some of the departments of the city: Parks, After School, Recreation and Community Services (PARCS), Fresno Police Department led by Deputy Chief Michael Reids, Fresno Fire Department led by Chief Kerri Donnis, and FresGo.

ABIRC’s goal is to empower these individuals with knowledge and strengthen their capacity.

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