HAPPY NEW YEAR! Recap for ABIRC 2016

Hmong elected 2016

“Zang Xiong-ABIRC Board, Supervisor Lee Lor-Merced, Pao Yang-ABIRC Baord, Trustee Brandon Vang-Sanger Unified, Trustee Mai Yang Vang-Sacramento Unified, Blong Xiong-ABIRC Board.”

Participated in the grand opening:  SF Super Market, Wayside Noodle, HINY, Inc,-new office, Tang Yuan Seafood Restaurant

Sponsored: Hmong Alumni Club, Hmong Student Association at Fresno State, Fresno Center for New Americans Annual Thanksgiving Event

Partnership:  Diversity Coalition: Fresno Black Chamber, Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Middle Eastern Foundation, Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation, Minority Business Development Agency, HPEN

Event:  ABIRC First Annual Golf Scholarship Tournament; hosted events to meet with new SCCCD Chancellor, new FCC President, worked with HPEN to have Assembly 31 candidate meeting

Advocacy: working with Diversity Coalition to advocate for policy change at:
1) SCCCD for open/transparent process so that more opportunities are given to minority business:
2) City of Fresno for policy change in terms of inclusion of more small minority owned businesses in the RFP process, and increase in their diversity inclusion policy
3) Letter with Diversity Coalition to Central Unified, Fresno Unified, and SCCCD to reach out and encourage minority business participation in their passage of their related school bond
4) Working with UC Extension and other organization to address/educate new ground water regulation
5) Hosted workshop with Hmong Elected: Supervisor Lee Lor of Merced, Mai Yang Vang-Sacramento FUSD Trustee, Brandon Vang-Sanger Unified Trustee
others:  consulted with Hopeful Encounters, local nonprofit that assist Hmong in Laos in building schools, and help Y&Y Consulting establishing DBA in both the County and City of Fresno, and assisted with the formation of Middle Eastern Foundation.

New Sponsors to ABIRC:  Chevron

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