May 12, 2016

We want to help grow your business through training and workshops, networking opportunities, and individual counseling in your respective field.  Schedule a consultation appointment with one of our principal consultants so we can determine what your business needs.


One-on-One Consulting

ABIRC provides one-on-one counseling services to small business owners seeking more information about services, resources, and business development programs. Through this individualize counseling, we can put your business on the right path. Click here and scroll to the bottom page to get in touch with an ABIRC employee.

Revenue Development and Expansion

  • Strategies for developing new markets for existing products and services
  • Exploring product/service diversification and partnerships
  • Strategic planning for proposed expansion
  • Alternative channels for revenue generation – Government procurement, Exporting, and Corporate Matchmaking

Loan Readiness

  • Understanding Commercial Lending Products – knowing the type of loans available and what makes sense for your business and its needs
  • Key Elements of Financial Capacity – Understanding the type of financing needed, as well as the “C’s” of commercial loan underwriting and how lenders view your loan qualifications.
  • Loan Packaging – Understanding how to collect and develop the required documents to package and submit a complete and accurate loan request
  • Managing Internal Finance System – Maintaining accessible and accurate financial data, understanding financial statements to monitor business health, as well as utilizing financial statements to determine and support the pursuit of commercial lending.
  • Fiscal Responsibility and Successful Loan Servicing Techniques – Maintain fundability

Service Partner

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