Make Ethnicity a Variable

Unfortunately, our request to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) to make ethnicity a variable has been denied.
In this critical month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we will stand up and fight for our voice. We will be noticed. We will be heard. We will be counted.
Join us in our efforts to make ethnicity a variable. If not in the 2022 Agriculture Census, we will make it happen in the 2027 Agriculture Census!
Select: 2022 Census of Agriculture
What: Request to make ethnicity a variable
Why: To provide accurate data on minority groups like the Hmong, Lao Mien, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, Punjabi, Middle Easterns, and other minority groups. Adding ethnicity as a variable will allow socially disadvantaged groups to get the help, funding, and programs they need to succeed. It will begin to narrow and close the disparities gap between minority farmers and White farmers.
What level: Country, State, and National
Who: Institutions, researchers, policymakers, farmers, grants, non-profit organizations, Agricultural Organizations. County funders, State funders, National funders. Without the data, the help, funding, and programs do not go to socially disadvantaged groups.
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