Recap: “Market Your Business” Workshop

On Wednesday, March 15, 2023, we hosted our “Market Your Business” workshop at Self-Help Federal Credit Union. The presenter of this workshop was our Business Specialist, Choua Thao. We started this workshop with a short activity, where workshop attendees, all of whom are small business owners, pitched their business. That is, they (1) described their business, products, and marketing strategies and (2) explained if they had effective practices in place. This activity was followed by a feedback form, which asked workshop attendees to provide feedback to one another. After these activities, Choua presented on the benefits of marketing strategies, as well as four macro strategies–customer excellence, operational excellence, product excellence, and locational excellence–that are proven to be effective in developing customer value. This is important because it helps increase customer satisfaction and experience and provides (small) business owners with a stronger understanding of their business.

We’d like to thank all small business owners who attended our workshop and Self-Help Federal Credit Union for allowing us to their facilities. We will be holding many more business workshops this years! Please be on the lookout for updates!